We’re here for you


  1. How do I get my code?
    A code will be emailed to you within 24 hours of signing up. If you don’t receive a code, please get in touch at carley@hashtagfresno.com
  2. What are the hours that the front desk is staffed?
    Currently there’s a human at the desk from 9am-1pm. We’ll stretch or change these hours according to heavy use!
  3. What are the hours of operation?
    This is a 24-hour facility. As a member, you have access to the space day or night.
  4. Can I bring my friends?
    For an hour only. We understand that you might be on your way to lunch and wish to have your buddy join you for a few minutes while you wrap up your work. That’s perfectly fine. If your buddy plans to stay longer, please get him or her a Day Pass, or even better, a membership!
  5. Can my wife|husband|roommate and I share a membership if only one of us uses the space at a time.
    Sorry, pal. That’s gaming the system. We’re able to make the space accessible to people at all stages and income levels with our low membership rates. We’re able to keep our membership rates low when everyone pitches in. That’s you too 😉
  6. Can I hold events at Hashtag?
    Conference rooms are great for meetings, but larger events need prior approval. Our first priority is to make sure that paying members have space to work. Contact carley@hashtagfresno.com to find out how your event fits in to the big picture.
  7. I was charged and I want a refund.
    That’s probably no problem! Get in touch at carley@hashtagfresno.com to let us know what happened. We’ll get you sorted out ASAP.
  8. My code isn’t working, who do I contact?
    The answer to your question is carley@hashtagfresno.com. We’ll figure out what’s going on!
  9. Can I put my membership on hold?
    Yes and no. Canceling is easy, and signing back up up is also easy. There’s no penalty for either, so start and stop your membership as you please! For cancelations, email Carley!
  10. Where should I park?
    You have several options. The Hashtag has limited parking behind South Stadium in the alley way between the Security Bank Annex and the brick garage, it is located in the "Green Lot". This is accessible via L street. You will need a pass to park here so snatch a parking pass from the human behind the front desk of either the Hashtag or South Stadium. All parking in this lot is first-come, first-serve. If the lot is full, parking will be paid street parking or in one of the two garages near the building. The first garage is on the corner of L and Inyo. It’s the closest and cheapest at $7 all day. BUT, you must be out of the garage by 6pm or you car will be locked up for the night. Ain’t nobody got time for a locked up car. The second garage is on the corner of Inyo and Van Ness (it’s called the Spiral Garage since it has a fancy spiral exit). The price for this garage is free for the first hour and $1 each additional hour up to $9 for the day. Parking in this garage becomes free after 6pm as well as street parking. All Bitwise lots become open to all parking after 5:30pm Monday thru Friday and on the weekends. P.S.- All parking garages and meters take cash only. You can get a meter parking card from the 4th floor of City Hall.
  11. What’s the WIFI password?
    The password was emailed to you when you first signed up. It’s also rotates on the TV displays once you’re inside the space.
  12. What’s the code to get into the restroom?
    The code will rotate on the TV displays inside the space.
  13. Can I bring food and drink inside?
    Totally. Keep it clean is all we ask, and be mindful of food odors. This is a shared space, and it’s your community. It’ll be as nice as you make it.
  14. How do I reserve a conference room?
    Two ways! For a 1-hour reservation, you can walk up to any iPad and tap “RESERVE”. Select your time by using the slider at the bottom. Tap on “Room Reservation” to change the name of the reservation. If you need more than an hour, shoot Carley an email!
  15. How do I use the TV in the conference rooms?
    You can use the remote to power up the TV and navigate to the HDMI input needed. Mash the “Smart TV” button on the remote, toggle to “inputs” and select the input you need!
  16. Who do I get in contact with if I have a complaint about another member?
    Firstly, we hope this never happens. That said, direct all inquiries of any nature to carley@hashtagfresno.com. A human will get back to you as soon as possible.
  17. Can I leave my stuff in the Hashtag?
    Not really. The space was made for you to come and go as you please, but we ask that you take your stuff with you. Stepping out for some quick fresh air? That’s ok, but leave your stuff at your own risk. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items of any value. Sorry, dude.
  18. I sell ___________, can I advertise to other members?
    No multi-level marketing, please, and no direct selling. Sometimes transactions happen as people to get to know one another, but it’s not cool to go around soliciting. Capische?
  19. I want my buddy to try out the space. Can I get him or her a day pass for free?
    Maybe. If you’ve got a good track record with us, we want more of people like you! Reach out to carley@hashtagfresno.com to see about a free pass.