Code of Conduct

(a.k.a., ways to make sure the place stays cool)

No Camping: While this is a 24/7/365 environment, this not your home. We understand you might put your head down for a moment to recharge, but this is not the place to nap. Sleep is not part of the vibe.

No MLM: Okay, we get it, there is a ton of talent here, however, this is not the place to pitch people on that amazing opportunity. Multi-level marketing is strictly prohibited.

Can You Hear Me Now? Only the person on the end of the phone cares about the conversation. Keep your phone conversations quiet. We know you’re excited, but please find a quiet place to have you conference call.

Group Effort: “He’s not staying that long.” We want to keep the prices low, so that means we distribute the costs. Hashtag exits for its paying members and has crazy-cheap day passes. If you are in the building for a conference meeting lasting longer than an hour, you must have at least a Day Pass.

Don’t Be That Guy: Don’t sneak people in. You are on camera, remember? (See: Group Effort)

Check Yourself: For liability purposes we ask that all users use the keycode when they enter (we are not Big Brother, just being safe). This is key as a 24/7/365 space.

Don’t Wreck Yourself: All members and guests are responsible for their own belongings and actions. Should any action or inaction cause damage or cost Hashtag, then that cost will be levied to that member or members.

Surf Responsibly: No spamming, posting or downloading files that you know or should know are illegal or that have no rights to, or accessing any other devices connected to Hashtag network or the Internet you do not have permission to access. Usage of Internet for heavy downloading/uploading is not allowed and as such any acts which may affect the quality/usage of the service for other users will not be tolerated.

Just Say No. Alcohol is not permitted at Hashtag. The only exception is with prior written consent of management. Hashtag is a strictly non-smoking zone. Any form of drugs or firearms are not allowed. Pets are not allowed. Any act that may damage anything in Hashtag, or create a disturbance for other users will not be tolerated.

Don’t Bring Dishonor to the Family: This is easy…abide by an unspoken code of honor. When you have guests, make sure they are all covered (Day Pass, if necessary). Be mindful of your conference room use. Pay for things as you incur costs, even if we forget to ask.

Jerks. Don’t be a Jerk!

Say Something. Hey, we are listening. If an issue comes up, please let us know. Shoot us an e-mail at or call us at 559.206.1024.

Download the Code of Conduct (PDF)