the coolest workspace in fresno, period.

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really good things happen when you put smart people in the same room.

We mean it when we say that Hashtag is the coolest workspace in Fresno. Ever want an alternative workspace to your home or office? Ever daydream about surrounding yourself with nothing but the smartest, most creative people in Fresno? Ever wish you could combine super-fast internet, comfortable chairs, wide-open desk space, a well-equipped and reservable conference room, cable TV, extended monitors, idea boards, music, engaging special events, exclusive educational programs, coffee, 24-hour secure access, the Tower District, and a community of collaboration and innovation with your day job?

We thought so. That’s why we made Hashtag.

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Contact us anytime. Drop in or drop us a line.

1298 N. Wishon Ave., Fresno, CA 93728

Talisha Brantley
Coworking Catalyst
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onsite Mon 5-7pm & Wed 2-4pm